About us

SchipholWatch – a group of residents that is fighting aviation noise around Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – wanted to have an app to register airplanes with the decibels that you have to cope with.

foto: Tookapic on Pexels.com

On Twitter they asked if someone wanted to build this app as a volunteer. Roelof Mejier responded positively to this question. Now after 4 months of work in spare hours in evenings and weekends , here it is!

We appreciate that we can use the OpenSky-database to identify the planes that are flying above your head.

Tips & tricks

  • Please use our app outdoors. Measuring inside your home will ‘pollute’ our database with values that are at least 15 dB lower than the actual aviation noise level.
  • Beware of the wind. The microphone of your smartphone can be sensitive for strong winds. Please measure aviation noise preferably out of the wind.
  • Point your device’s microphone at the airplane during the sound measurement. If you do so you will register the most reliable noise level.
  • If you want to share our news articles that are shown in the app: please visit our weblog at https://cms.explane.org.
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