Online complaints center Schiphol hacked

The online complaints center of Schiphol Airport has been hacked yesterday. Personal data of thousands of complainants have been stolen.

Airports using the same software as the hacked Schiphol system (source:

The hack has been confirmed by the airport and will be reported to the Dutch privacy protection agency. Data leaks can be fined with a maximum penalty of 10 million euros by Dutch authorities.

The online complaints center was widely criticized by residents because it did not use secure connections to their website. This left personal data that has to be entered to complain vulnerable.

Among the compromised data are street addresses and e-mail addresses from residents in the area of Schiphol Airport. On Twitter a lot of them react furiously. Read more >

Over 100,000 registrations with Explane

Today, at the 100th birthday of KLM, one of Europe’s most polluting airliners per capita, we have passed the 100,000th registration with our app Explane.

Today’s screenshot of

Reaching this milestone the app is a huge success for enabling residents to register and document aviation noise. With the data, people can research the noise nuisance in their neighborhoods.

Use in democratic process
We have already seen the first documents from the Explane-website sent into the democratic process. Some residents have researched their situation and published their results in local and regional media and pointed politicians at the situation. Read more >