Tips & tricks: really use it outdoors!

Our first episode of Tips & tricks stated that you best use our app outside your home. We’ve received replies from people who want to have a button in the app so they can indicate they measured noise inside their homes.

We will not provide such a button. Instead we kindly ask you again to use the app outdoors only.

The reason for this is quite simple: measuring aviation noise inside your home will not give us usable values of the noise level. There are homes that are very well insulated, while others aren’t. Measuring inside introduces a new uncertainty in the data.

The Explane-app is meant to collect as good as possible information about aviation noise and its nuisance.

You can use it to measure the noise inside your home for your own information, but please don’t send the registration to our database in such cases.

If you only want to know noise levels, there are several apps available to do so. You could search Google Play or Appstore for apps like Sound Level Meter, Decibel X or dB Volume Meter.

If you do send in-house measurements to the database, it will get contaminated with noise levels that are too low for your environment.

That results in a less useful database to fight the aviation industry.