No outcome for consultation Schiphol Airport

After years of consultation between residents, the aviation industry and politicians, earlier today became clear that there will be no outcome of this process. Parties could not reach an agreement about the future of the airport.

In December last year the consultation seemed to head up to an extra 25,000 flights for Schiphol until 2023. At the beginning of this year the president of the residents was taken out of the talks because of this threatening outcome.

Since the forced change of the spokesman residents forced a zero growth in the negotiations. Mayors and politicians of neighbouring cities and the Environmental Federation (Milieufederatie) backed citizens in that pursuit . Read more >

Call for ideas website

Since we have released the iOS- and Android-versions of our app to document aviation noise, we have started to build our website to publish the results online. And you can help us with your ideas!

Obviously we will publish lists of the highest sound level measurements. You will be able to select the area, the dates, the type of airplane or the aviation company. Also we will produce a realtime map displaying the measured noise levels.

Do you have other ideas about how we could present our data to our visitors? Please share them with us. Use our feedback form or send your ideas to Read more >

Explane releases iOS-version

After months of hard work in spare time, app builder Roelof Meijer has released the iOS-version of this app today.

The iOS-version is intended for users of Apple’s iPhone. The app is called ExplaneNow in the Appstore and can be downloaded via or via

The Explane-app is intended to document aviation noise. As a resident, you can register the noise of an airplane with one push on a button. The app records the peak sound level, your location, the date and time, and finds the ID of the flight that is causing the noise.

All these data you can send to our central database which will be soon be published via our site The data will be accessible for anyone who has an interest in the widespread nuisance of aviation noise. The data can be used to oppose calculations made by airports and (local) governments that often predict noise levels too low. Read more >