Dutch government secretly spends 744 mln on French-Dutch airliner

This week the Dutch government spent nearly 800 mln community money to gain a 14% interest in airliner Air France-KLM. Stock prices tumbled over 10% following the announcement of the purchase. French government is furious.

The Dutch bought the shares secretly, without sharing its intentions with other shareholders and the French government. As a result, the French are likely to block another term for KLM-CEO Pieter Elbers.

A week ago Elbers mobilized 25.000 KLM-employees to plead for another four years of his presidency of the company. This convinced AFKL-CEO Ben Smith to promise Elbers a new term. Read more >

Archaeological sites Peru threatened by airport construction

The construction of a brand new airport near the world famous city of Machu Picchu in Peru destroys archaeological sites that are yet unexplored.

The airport aims to ease access of tourists to the former Inca capitol. Archaeologists, anthropologists and historians claim it will destroy cultural riches visitors come to see.

Nearly 200 Peruvian and international experts have signed a protest to the national government asking to suspend construction and consider relocation of the project.

The current location of the project overlooks Peru’s Sacred Valley, one of the first areas conquered by the Incas in the 1300s. Incan agricultural terraces still cover the mountainsides around this spot. Read more >

New Twitter-account for Explane

We just opened a new Twitter-account for the Explane-app. Via this account we’ll inform you about the newest developments in our work.

The first tweet mentions the 4.000 registrations that have already been made since we launched the app.

Also we mention the hard work that is going on to produce an interactive web site to present reports. The registrations will be accessible for anyone with an interest in the problem op aviation noise and its nuisance.

You can follow Explane via https://twitter.com/AppExplane (tech) or https://www.facebook.com/explane.org/ (news).