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Recently we published posts about an EU citizen’s initiative to tax aviation fuel, about the availability of our new website Aviation Noise Reports by Explane and about the first real results from the app.

Sign the EU citizens’ initiative to end aviation fuel tax exemption!

As of today you can sign a EU citizens’ initiative that calls for taxation of aviation fuels. We only need 1 million votes together in all EU nation states.

kerosene tax

“We call the European Commission to propose to member states the introduction of a tax on aviation fuel (kerosene). The aviation sector enjoys tax advantages despite being one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions”, says its site.

“While greener alternatives to aviation are subject to high taxes, the aviation industry benefits from many unjust tax exemptions. Aviation fuel remains untaxed in Europe and Member States don’t impose VAT on plane tickets, making aviation a more and more attractive transport mode whereas it is the most carbon-intensive.” Read more >