About the data

This app collects data about aviation noise. Users measure the noise levels of airplanes that fly over. The data is stored in a central database.

The database will be used to publish reports about aviation noise. We aim to inform all stakeholders: politicians, press, residents, airports and airlines.

We need the following data:

  • Date and time of the registration
  • Identification number of the airplane
  • Geographical location of the registration
  • The peak noise level measured
  • Make and model of the smartphone used for the registration
  • Serial number of the smartphone

The data about the device used is necessary to be able to interprete results and to be able to calibrate the sound level afterwards, depending on the device used.

It is possible that from the collected data is learned that a certain device measures noise levels with a standard deviation. We are then able to correct these levels within a seperate column on our published data.

The serial number is stored so that we are able to respect the wish of a user who wants to delete his or her data from our database. Also with this we are able to block users who systematically try to pollute our data.

Every registration consists of the following elements:

captureTimestampUnix timestamp
captureTypemanual or automatic
captureFormattedDateYYYYMMDD start capture
captureFormattedTimeWill display time in 10
maxDecibelsMaximum decibels measured
decibelsArraydecibels per 500ms
myLatlatitude of location of capture
myLnglongitude of location of capture
myAltaltitude of location of capture
deviceCordovaversion of Cordova running on the device
deviceModelthe name of the device’s model or product
devicePlatformdevice’s operating system name
deviceVersionoperating system version
deviceManufacturerdevice’s manufacturer
deviceIsVirtualboolean; Whether the device is running on a simulator.
deviceSerialdevice hardware serial number
planeIcao24Unique ICAO 24-bit address of the transponder in hex string representation
planeCallsignCallsign of the vehicle (8 chars). Can be null if no callsign has been received.
planeCountryCountry name inferred from the ICAO 24-bit address
planeLatlatitude of location of plane
planeLnglongitude of location of plane
planeAltaltitude with wich the distance is calculated
planeTimePositionUnix timestamp (seconds) for the last position update
planeOnGroundboolean; Boolean value which indicates if the position was retrieved from a surface position report.
planeVelocityVelocity over ground in m/s. Can be null.
planeTrueTrackTrue track in decimal degrees clockwise from north (north=0°). Can be null.
planeVerticalRateVertical rate in m/s. A positive value indicates that the airplane is climbing, a negative value indicates that it descends. Can be null.
planeSquawkThe transponder code aka Squawk. Can be null.
planeSpiWhether flight status indicates special purpose indicator.
planePositionSource0 = ADS-B, 1 = ASTERIX, 2 = MLAT
calculatedPlaneDistancecalculated distance of plane from location of capture
appVersionversion of the app