New version of Explane under development

We have good news about the Explane app: there will be a new version of the app, which can also be used to continuously measure aviation noise.

With the new version, local residents can register all passing aircraft during self-chosen periods and pass them on to the central database.

This app is primarily intended for people with an older smartphone that is no longer in use and is waiting in a drawer for a new life. Such a phone must not be so old that newer versions of the operating system cannot run on it.

No SIM-card required
By installing the app on such a discarded smartphone, it can measure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A separate SIM-card is not required for this, as long as the telephone is within the range of a known Wi-Fi network.

The new version will also be able to communicate via Bluetooth with a cheap (and possibly waterproof) decibel meter. The telephone can then remain indoors, while the dB meter measures the flight noise outside to achieve the best possible sound level registration.

It takes a few months to realize the new version, because it is being built by our volunteer Roelof Meijer. He works on the app only on holidays.