Explane 1.1 released

Version 1.1 of the Explane-app to register aviation noise is now available at Google Play. Update your apps or visit https://explane.org to download the newest version.

V1.1 is based on the feedback we have received since the introduction of the initial app.

Enhancements are:

  • First registration with the initial app did not record the noise level. V1.1 does it correctly – from the very first measurement on.
  • Registration of the location is now cut with two decimals to ensure your privacy. Your location will be recorded on a district level now.
  • You are now able to see your own registrations of noise nuissance within the app. Please use the new button ‘Submitted’ in the app to view.
  • The corridor in which airplanes are detected has been broadened. We found that in the earlier version the app was not always able to find the plane that corresponded with the noise.

App builder Roelof Meijer (r.meijer@officealley.nl) will now proceed with finishing the iOS-version of the app. We plan to have it available in December 2018.

If you have feedback to improve our app, or you want to share new ideas with us, please press the contact button in this app.