Dutch vote yes to kerosene tax

Yesterday Dutch parliament voted yes to have taxes on aviation fuel. Government is now obligated to research if it can get support from other countries united under the ICAO lobby club.

Aviation industry doesn’t pay any taxes on fuel following an international agreement stemming from 1944. The agreement was made to reconstruct aviation industry after WW2.

Earlier this year the Dutch confirmed to introduce a passenger airfare tax. Preferably in cooperation with other European countries, but if this support can not be found, they will introduce it nationally.

Aviation industry not paying taxes on fuel gives it an unfair advantage over other forms of transportation. Dutch parliament wants to end this preferential position.

Taxes collected on other fuels can be up to more than 100 per cent of its price. Taxing aviation fuel could have a serious impact on people’s flying behaviour.

If the Dutch are able to find support for ending the 1944 agreement, ticket prices will rise substantially. It could be a major step in the much needed process to less flying.

Please also ask your government to support this initiative!