No airplane captured (3)

Sometimes our app Explane says ‘No airplane captured’ after you have tried to measure the sound level of a passing aircraft.

We have asked our developer Roelof Meijer what the reasons can be for this annoying warning. He came up with several checks the app does before registering your measurement.

  1. If there is no data available from the transponder of the plane (latitude, longitude, altitude) or if a plane is not equipped with a transponder (mostly older aircraft).
  2. If the data available from the transponder is older than 15 seconds, the location data of the airplane is too old to be useful.
  3. If the download of the transponder data takes more than 4 seconds. For example if you have a bad internet connection.

In all the above cases Explane will not register your measurement. You can try measure the following airplanes. If the app shows the warning a few times more, please take an hour or so to make the next registration. That helps keeping your frustration levels down 😉