‘No airplane captured’ (2)

Sometimes our app doesn’t catch the airplane you are trying to measure. This can have various reasons.

The identification of the specific aircraft is retrieved in real time from the database of the Open Sky Network at the start of every measurement. This means that your phone needs to have a good and stable internet connection to be able to receive this information.

If your internet connection is not stable enough, it will not be able to determine the ID. Also sometimes there can be a lag in the availability of the data. Or the database can be unavailable for technical reasons.

We are dependent on that data to determine the ID. Since we do not registrate measurement without flight data for obvious reasons, you will not be able to send in that measurement.

If you get the message ‘No airplane captured’ once between several successful measurements, it is likely that you will have a temporary glitch in your internet connection.

If you get the message several times after each other, it is likely that the database is temporary unavailable, for example due to maintenance. Please try again an hour later in such cases.