About the app

Explane is an app that empowers you to register a flight above your head including the sound level (in dB) your smartphone measures.

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If you touch the microphone at the start screen, a measurement is started for the duration of 10 seconds.

Choose the start of your measurement preferably in a way that the plane will pass you in these 10 seconds. Please keep your measurement pure and be careful not to measure any other noises.

If by accident you measure non-aviation noise, please don’t send the registration to our database. It would pollute our database and would make it less trustworthy.

The app only registers airplanes on a maximum attitude of 10.000 meters (30.000 feet) within a radius of 5 kilometers (3 miles).

If the app has detected an airplane in this area, the data of the airplane are shown to you, together with the maximum noise level in decibels and the data of your phone.

If you press ‘submit’ after these data is shown to you, the data will be send to the central database, together with your geographical position and the date and time of your measurement.

For privacy reasons, we will not publish the last two digits of your geographical location. Read more about our privacy policy.

The database will be used to publish data of all measurements to all stakeholders, i.e. politicians, press, residents, airports and airlines. The database will be open access based, so everybody will be able to find the data that is interesting for them.