First preliminary result from Explane app

The thousands of aviation noise measurements from users of the Explane app have led to a first preliminary result. This could lead to broader noise corridors and thus even more impacted homes.

Measurements show that planes make (much) more noise when they fly over a densely populated area with lots of ‘hard’ materials like bricks and asphalt. The same planes show a lower noise level in an area with ‘softer’ materials like fields, trees and sand grounds.

Airport calculations of noise nuisance do not account for these differences in environments.

If this first result is proved after further research, airplanes cause much more noise pollution in urbanized areas, causing much more nuisance than what was calculated until now by aviation sources.

More noise, fewer planes
Noise corridors would have to be calculated much broader, involving more homes and people. Around Amsterdam Schiphol Airport it would lead to an immediate lower number of allowed flights, since a law maximizes the number of severely impacted homes.

We will investigate this first preliminary result further, with the involvement of experts from universities and will come back on it in a later phase.

Explane thanks all users of the app. You have enabled us to find this first result.