Volunteers wanted for calibration smartphones

One of the uncertainties of the Explane-data is how precise can we measure aviation noise levels with a smartphone. To quantify those uncertainties we will organise a calibration day in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport region on June 29th, 2019.

On this day under supervision of the Dutch Noise Abatement Society (Nederlandse Stichting Geluidshinder, https://nsg.nl) we will test as much smartphones as possible against a calibrated noise meter.

Bring your phone with Explane
All we ask from you as a volunteer is to bring your own smartphone with Explane installed on it. We will measure together with the calibrated noise meter for approximately an hour.

With these data we can determine differences between several types of smartphones, but hopefully also eventual differences between phones of the same make and model.

The purpose of the calibration is to end the uncertainty about the Explane-data. After the calibration we hope to be able to set the margins for these measurements and in doing so, to end discussions about the reliability of the data.

Are you interested in participating in this calibration and spend an hour of your time with us? Please send your name and model of smartphone to our e-mail address info@schipholwatch.nl.

Thanks in advance, we will send you an invitation a few weeks before the event.

Dear overseas users of Explane: please do not reply if you have to fly to Amsterdam to participate!