Continuous measurement with Explane: are you interested?

We are regularly asked whether there is no way to continuously measure aircraft noise and to record the data in the database of our app Explane.

Photo: PeakTech

We had a look around on the internet and soon came to the conclusion that this is not very difficult. For example, at Raspberry Pi Geek you will find a fairly complete description for converting the microcomputer into a continuous sound meter.

The costs of such a continuous measurement system can be quite low. For 25 euros you can buy a Raspberri Pi, for another 100 to 150 euros an accurate dB-meter (for example from Peak Tech) with a USB connection that is needed to connect the meter to the computer.

Together with simple software, partly also described in the article, this combination could be connected to the Explane database.

No time, do you?
However, the volunteers from Explane and SchipholWatch do not have time to compile and market this “package” including the software.

If you are interested and have the time to do so, please contact us. Then we can discuss how we can take steps. SchipholWatch would like to support such an initiative with publicity and social media.

Would you like one?
If you are interested in purchasing such a continuous sound meter with an Explane connection (estimated price 150 to 200 euros), please let us know via

Your message does not of course oblige you to anything, but gives us an indication of whether there is sufficient interest to make this possible. Moreover, we can inform you when the continuous Explane meter becomes available.