‘No airplane captured’

At this moment our app Explane reports more often than normal that there is no plane to be found in the noise that you tried to capture.

The reason for this is that work is being done on the database that supplies the aircraft data to Explane. The Open Sky Network – supplier of this information – is working on improvements to its systems.

The network reported this a few days ago via Twitter:

Unfortunately we do not know how long this maintenance will take. We do hope to be able to inform you as soon as possible if the systems are running as usual (or better)!

We hope for some consideration from your site. Unfortunately the cause is beyond our control. Read more >

Continuous measurement with Explane: are you interested?

We are regularly asked whether there is no way to continuously measure aircraft noise and to record the data in the database of our app Explane.

Photo: PeakTech

We had a look around on the internet and soon came to the conclusion that this is not very difficult. For example, at Raspberry Pi Geek you will find a fairly complete description for converting the microcomputer into a continuous sound meter.

The costs of such a continuous measurement system can be quite low. For 25 euros you can buy a Raspberri Pi, for another 100 to 150 euros an accurate dB-meter (for example from Peak Tech) with a USB connection that is needed to connect the meter to the computer. Read more >

Sign the EU citizens’ initiative to end aviation fuel tax exemption!

As of today you can sign a EU citizens’ initiative that calls for taxation of aviation fuels. We only need 1 million votes together in all EU nation states.

kerosene tax

“We call the European Commission to propose to member states the introduction of a tax on aviation fuel (kerosene). The aviation sector enjoys tax advantages despite being one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions”, says its site.

“While greener alternatives to aviation are subject to high taxes, the aviation industry benefits from many unjust tax exemptions. Aviation fuel remains untaxed in Europe and Member States don’t impose VAT on plane tickets, making aviation a more and more attractive transport mode whereas it is the most carbon-intensive.” Read more >

First preliminary result from Explane app

The thousands of aviation noise measurements from users of the Explane app have led to a first preliminary result. This could lead to broader noise corridors and thus even more impacted homes.

Measurements show that planes make (much) more noise when they fly over a densely populated area with lots of ‘hard’ materials like bricks and asphalt. The same planes show a lower noise level in an area with ‘softer’ materials like fields, trees and sand grounds.

Airport calculations of noise nuisance do not account for these differences in environments.

If this first result is proved after further research, airplanes cause much more noise pollution in urbanized areas, causing much more nuisance than what was calculated until now by aviation sources. Read more >